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By Victor Vernon Woolf, Ph.D.
Vern Woolf4

Victor Vernon Woolf.
International Academy of Holodynamics

From the new sciences there are at least ten basic premises that frame what is real. When we know what is real, we can better survive and thrive in a changing world.  

The ten key premises of modern science are:

1. Everything is made of information in motion.
2. There are multiple (at least ten) dimensions of reality.
3. Hyperspace contains 97% of reality that our senses cannot detect.
4. We live in a holographic universe.
5. Every set of circumstances is driven by potential.
6. All life has an implicate (built-in) order of growth.
7. Each person has a hyperspacial counterpart, a Full Potential Self.
8. Human thought, feelings and behaviors are controlled by self-organizing information systems (holodynes).
9. Every problem is caused by its solution.
10. Individual and collective consciousness can be transformed.

Each of these premises has been tested in various situations and found to be effective in solving complex problems. Applying them helps us get real and deal more effectively and can be applied to help us survive as a species. Here is a brief introduction to these ten basic premises.

1. Everything is made of information in motion:

We know that everything is made of information in motion because of the experiments within cyclotrons where streams of proton particles are accelerated in opposite directions and then deflected to collide with each other (see diagram 1). As they are broken apart, scientists can detect more clearly the smallest particles that make up the universe.

What they discovered is that the smallest things are not little “particles.” There are no little billiard balls bouncing around inside everything. In fact, at the smallest detectable dimension everything is made of spinners of information coming from hyperspace. This finding changes our entire view of reality. It means that matter (or anything that has a pattern or form) is made of in-form-mation. In other words, everything is conscious.



In a cyclotron, or toroidal particle collider, such as the LHC in Geneva, streams of protons are accelerated in opposite directions by magnetic fields and then are deflected to collide head-on. The resulting burst of sub-atomic particles shows us that everything is made of spinners of information.
Scientific American, 2005. Diagram 1

The conclusion is that the entire network of life on the planet is a matrix of consciousness. The human body, for instance, is made of more than 50 trillion life forms all working in a conscious network that gives form to the body and holds it in place. This amazing matrix also controls a network of instincts and reactions that determine our behavior. We are, from all indications, inseparably connected to everything. All matter and life - the entire universe - is conscious and, in some dimension, interconnected.

Understanding this harmonic matrix of intelligence has become essential to our own survival as a species. As the diagram on the right shows, our bodies are composed of more than 50 trillion life forms all communicating and interacting in harmony with each other.
Microbial Origins

As a species we are only a small part of an entire matrix that is far more complex and interconnected than most people realize. Even our DNA is composed of a worldwide system of DNA that is responsive to both internal and external changes. We are part of a dynamic conscious evolving universe.

2. There are at least ten dimensions to reality:

Paul Townsend, world-renowned physicist from Cambridge, points out that depth, width and height and motion (time) make up four dimensions of our space-time continuum. At the same time, there are at least ten dimensions that are woven into reality. He refers to dimensions as P-branes (where P is a number and branes stands for dimension). Most people are 4-Branes

There are at least more than ten dimensions of reality.
According to Paul Townsend, all P-branes are created equal.

People who are 4-brane are not aware of the other branes and thus cannot find the solutions to problems because the solutions are enfolded within dimensions not apparent to our senses. To find the solutions we must expand our conscious awareness to include those dimensions that contain the solutions to what we are now facing on the planet. We must, for example, consciously access hyperspace.

3. Hyperspace contains 97% of reality:

As we explore further and further into the bigness and smallness of our universe we soon move beyond the range of our normal senses where it becomes evident that a great deal of unseen matter is intimately connected to everything in our universe. This non-visible matter is referred to as hyperspace. From all indications, hyperspace contains about 97% of reality and it is not detectible to our senses.


It is estimated that one half of the universe is passing into and coming out of hyperspace within a person’s lifetime. The information comes into our space-time continuum as white hole spinners and goes out as black hole spinners (updraft and downdraft). Our entire consciousness system can be updraft of downdraft and scientists have found that the forces of gravity, the movement of the stars and galaxies, the function of every molecule and living cell, and even time itself is constantly interacting with hyperspace.

The exploration of our connection to hyperspace has opened the door to the core essence of our being. This dimension contains a hidden reserve of information and energy that provides essential ingredients to unfolding our potential and solving our problems. Our survival cannot be separated from hyperspace because, for example, we live in a holographic universe.

4. We live in a holographic universe:

The spinners of information that are emanating from hyperspace evidently give form to everything material and all life forms including us. From a holographic framework it is possible to explain how complex information systems can be projected into a less complex form (like a three dimensional holographic image can be imprinted on a two-dimensional piece of paper). It also becomes evident that, in reality, hyperspace is more complex than our space-time physical world. The principle is that whatever situation we are facing always contains a more complex aspect to it.

When Stephen Hawking used a holographic framework to observe black holes he discovered two more dimensions that allowed him to explain how black holes work. In other words, the holographic framework allows us to understand more about the world in which we live.

Our relationship to Nature and balancing the biosphere is far more complex than most people realize. It’s more than making a shift to thrift or from greed to green. We must transform ourselves as a species and, ironically, understanding that complexity is now essential to our survival. In the core essence of our being we must become aware of the holographic principle: What is known to the part is known to the whole and what is known to the whole is known to the part.

From this view, every situation is part of a conscious network in which every person potentially knows the solution to every problem he or she will ever face. The challenge is to be able to access that realm in which the solutions are found.

5. Every set of circumstances is driven by potential:

It is self-evident that the entire biosphere is driven by life potential. For more than four billion years the life potential of the planet has manifest itself into great diversity of life forms and we humans are one of its most recent versions. We know that every seed has the potential to become a full-grown plant. So powerful is the life potential of a seed that it can lift great rocks in order to fulfill itself. Likewise, every human has the potential to manifest his or her life potential.

When we use a holographic framework it appears that everything we do, every thought we have, every emotion we feel, and every action we take is a manifestation of our potential. From this view, every problem we face is an invitation to unfold its potential solution. It all depends on where you focus your life energy.

When you focus on downdraft dynamics you reinforce the negatives and the impact of your focus ripples out into the connected quantum field. Changing your focus changes reality (called the butterfly effect). You make a difference.


Complex problems, those that took millenniums to create, may require a bit more conscious focus to unfold their solutions but maybe, in reality, we planned it that way so we could have something challenging to test our ability to unfold our fullest potential as individuals and as a species.

6. There is an implicate order of growth:

One of the great fathers of quantum science, David Bohm, proposed that every plant and animal has a built-in order by which it grows into its fullest potential. This order has been duplicated in a virtual reality setting on a computer and one can watch almost any plant, for example, grow from seed to a mature plant. It grows on the computer in the same order it grows in real life.

While we have not duplicated human body growth patterns on a computer, from all indications, the same is true of every person. It certainly is evident in our personal/psychological and social growth. There is a pattern by which each person grows up and becomes an adult and takes part of the collective community. We are all part of a larger collective field of consciousness that has direct input into our natural order of growth.

In the collective, this built-in order passes on from generation to generation, matures and manifests its potential as culture. In the next few decades, as temperatures rise and more extreme climates change occur, we will run out of natural resources, and conflicts and chaos will increase. We must be aware of how species evolve and apply this information in our own situation.

In Nature, negotiated self-interest is part of an ongoing process of development. Limited resources cause increased tension. This presents a potential for conflict. The parties begin a process of negotiation of self-interest within a larger field of species interest. Negotiation results in an adjustment that lifts the situation to a new level of cooperation and unity.

Level of Unity

Like no other time in history our understanding this built-in order becomes essential. We must learn to negotiate our own self-interest and the interest of all other humans and life forms at the same time.

From a bird’s eye view, we are transforming from a consumptive caterpillar mentality to a responsible stewardship state of being. Both individual and collective consciousness are transforming according to its natural order. The keys to this order and our transformation as a species will depend on our connection to hyperspace and our connection to each other and to Nature.

7. Each person has a hyperspacial counterpart:

From a holographic view, everything has a hyperspacial counterpart. You and I and everyone else on the planet, past, present and future have a hyperspacial counterpart or Full Potential Self.

According to Roger Penrose and other experts in the science of consciousness field, our hyperspacial counterpart creates our DNA, gives form to our bodies, coordinates the communication among the trillions of life forms that make up our bodies and precomputes the menu of options of any given situation before we can think a single thought.

Accessing your Full Potential Self provides a reservoir of information from hyperspace including the enfolded dimensions where solutions are found. This dimension is what ancients call the core essence of being or soul or eternal intelligence. According to Stephen Hawking, our Full Potential Self is more complex than our physical self. As his picture on the right indicates, the more complex three-dimensional self is projecting itself into this dimension.

Full Potential Self

Your relationship to your Full Potential Self is a personal one-to-one relationship that holds the keys to unfolding not only your personal potential but it also holds the keys to finding solutions to global warming and the other challenges of our present-day situation. There is growing realization that, in some dimension, we factored it in this way so we could rise to the occasion and unfold the solutions to everything we are facing. And, from this view of reality, we also planned in the blocks in our consciousness that keep us from unfolding our potential. It’s automatically part of the equation.

8. Human thoughts, feelings and behaviors are controlled by self-organizing information systems (holodynes):

Information from your environment is input through your senses. It’s a holographic process because each of your senses is covered with holographic screens (called fine-grained and gross-grained screens).

Your screens create holographic information systems (called holodynes) within the water molecules of your microtubules. These holodynes get their information from four sources: environment (what you experience), inheritance (from your family tree), hyperspace (from your Full Potential Self) and from your own imagination (you can create your own). It is within your microtubules that your blocks to unfolding your potential are created. Immature holodynes are causal in all human behavior.


Holodynes are self-organizing and self-perpetuating and they have the power to control your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

The picture on the left is artist John Luke’s rendition of holodyne images within the water molecules of your microtubules.

One of the major blocks we all have is that we are naturally addicted to the beliefs of our ancestors. In some ways this habit may have helped us survive in the past, but now these same beliefs are blocking our ability to meet the challenges of our current situation.

Our ancestors never had to face what we are facing in today’s world. What makes it challenging is that we programmed these blocks into our thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns. Our responsibility is to access these patterns and transform them. If we don’t transform at the micro level of our holodynes, it is unlikely that we will survive as a species.

From a holographic view the blocks are created from sensory input and they pass on from one generation to the next to become part of the matrix of collective consciousness. Like all life forms, holodynes have an implicate order of growth. Many of them have remained immature for generations. This is what causes immature thoughts, feelings and immature behavior patterns among humans.

The good news is that holodynes have an implicate order of growth and can be accessed and transformed. When your holodynes are in control you lose control until you choose control. Unless you transform your holodynes you will never get beyond the self-destructive patterns including those you inherited from your ancestors. The same applies to everyone. Unless we all transform our personal holodynes, we will never take the next step in our evolution and transform our destructive patterns of consciousness into their potential. To do this we must be able to step out of time.

9. Every problem is caused by its solution:

According to physicist Stephen Hawking et al, time bends (The Universe in a Nutshell, 2001 see diagram 2). When you step out of time and view the bending effect, it becomes evident that the past, present and future are running in parallel. This is one of the best-kept secrets of modern science.

Hyperspace knot

Hyperspace exists both in time and out of time at the same time. When you are consciously present your Full Potential Self is able to travel into the past and future and share that information with you in the present. What you soon realize is that you planned every situation so you could manifest your potential in that situation.

It is evident that we all live under a covenant. Everything looks the way it looks, feels the way it feels, and interacts with us because we agreed consciously to do it this way. In other words: every problem we face has been programmed by us so we could find its solution. In this conscious universe, we wrote the script for our part on the stage of life. We were born to solve the problems of extreme climate changes, lack of resources, collapsing economies and rising chaos and we can do it together.

10. Collective Consciousness can be transformed:

Information self-organizes from smallness to bigness. Transformation of the collective begins at the micro and progresses through to the macro. It begins with you and I and how we focus. Everything resonates outward.

Relationships, for example, are reflected by the patterning of the relationship you have with hyperspace and specifically, with your Full Potential Self. At this micro level of relationships the pattern is reflected into the field of holodynes within your microtubules.

The way you relate to your holodynes is reflected into how you relate to the people around you and that same pattern becomes the way you relate to your business partners and others within the collective. It is the working of your patterns that feeds into the collective and determines the way we run our businesses and governments in society and how we deal with Nature.

Transforming a single relationship ripples throughout the collective matrix. How do we know? Because everything in science points to this as a fact and, in reality, we have replicated the application numerous times in multiple situations and the results are consistent from micro to macro. We can transform collective consciousness.

Examples of the transformation of collective consciousness has been demonstrated successfully in drug cultures (wiped out illegal drug pushing in six American Cities), with the mentally ill (emptied out more than 80% of the patient load in the state mental hospital), with pathological criminals (in maximum security prison), within gangs on the streets, within major corporations and among entire nations (as in the Soviet Union and in the Middle East). Applying this information creates extra-ordinary results (see www.holodynamics.com for more details).

What we found was that the major problems blocking our ability to solve any problem was our lack of conscious awareness of the reality in which we live. People with problems are not aware of the dimensions in which the solutions to their problems exist. When they become aware they are universally able to respond in ways that unfold the solutions to their problems.

In good faith, when the best scientists in the world have gathered the best information available and tested it to see if it works, replicated the results in various situations, and reported this information for others to use, and it is clear it creates extra-ordinary results and this information can be used to create the most reliable version of reality available. By effectively applying this information we can learn to deal more effectively with whatever problems we are facing both as individuals and as a collective.

As a species we are now facing the most serious situation ever faced by the human race. The ten premises presented in this article are based on the best of science. Each has been tested and proven effective in solving some of the most complex problems on the planet. As we apply this information to meet our current situation, we realize it will take exceptional communication and cooperation to effectively create sustainable communities across the planet and, because we are under a time constraint, it’s time for each of us to make an effective and timely transition.

Future generations have a right to survive and thrive. It’s up to us to do everything we can to recover our natural resources and rebalance the biosphere. Our survival as a species depends upon it.

This article is one of a series sponsored by the International Academy of Natural Science and authored by Victor Vernon Woolf Ph.D., world recognized speaker, author, trainer and Director of the International Academy of Holodynamics. For more detailed information, see www.holodynamics.com and www.IAONS.org

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