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An Online Introductory Course on Unfolding Potential

The UP class provides an excellent introduction to Circle One of the Holodynamic Circles of Success courses. The UP course provides an overview of each principle and process taught in the first Circle of Success class on Unfolding Potential and does not require attendance in a classroom. The cost of this class is $129.95 and, when you take regular classes in the Academy, you will receive a rebate of $70.00. We encourage you to attend a Phase I course on Unfolding Potential after you have completed this class.

We realize that not everyone will be able to attend a Phase I class and we want you to be able to get this information and learn the skills. Learning the skills is much like learning to speak or to play basketball. It takes practice. In the Circle One class we practice so, in this online UP class, you may need assistance.

Assistance can be arranged by:

  1. Arranged for private consultation via the phone (there is an extra financial charge for the services of the Consultant and details are available online as part of the UP class);
  2. Organizing your own support group so you can discuss the principles and processes and practice the skills;
  3. Participating in the internet Blog among members of the UP class (available online as part of UP).

In this class, we will present:

  • Information from science that applies directly to your personal state of consciousness.
  • Multiple dimensions of consciousness and the Holodynamic Mind Model.
  • Enfold dimensions: hyperspace; your hyperspacial counterpart (your Full Potential Self); how to use this information to unfold your personal potential and in relationships.
  • The mechanisms of consciousness and the built-in stages of development through which your consciousness emerges.
  • The dimension of the Covenant: agreements made with others in hyperspace; how to identify blocks to unfolding your potential.
  • The principles and processes of transforming holodynes.
  • How to establish an internal communication system; set up a day-start, day-planning and day-close system; and create internal integrity.
  • The Potentializing Process: how to transform any set of circumstances into the fullest possible potential.

This class introduces you to enfolded dimensions of consciousness. The information is the result of decades of careful study and application. When people apply it, they begin to produce extra-ordinary results. Be aware that skill-training and more information is available in the Circle One class. This UP class is an introduction to the Circles of Success and what is considered by many to be the greatest frontier of the future. We recommend you study the texts carefully. When you have completed this online UP class, become involved in the Circles of Success program offered by the International Academy of Holodynamics. To enroll, click here.



(Day One)

Circle One teaches the application of the new sciences to personal life management. It's all about unfolding potential. Since information organizes from micro (smallness) to macro (bigness) we begin at the micro level of consciousness. We explore hyperspace, microtubules, quantum and holographic dynamics and how information is processed within each person. We identify specific information patterns that control behavior (holodynes) and outline how to potentialize them. We begin this two-day class by exploring the micro level where:

  • Every set of circumstances is driven by potential - how to focus on potential.

  • Everything is made of energy and information

  • Information manifests in three ways, particle, wave and creative intelligence.

  • These three forms of information are manifest in how we think, feel and in the core essence of our being. Our core essence is called our Full Potential Self.

  • Solutions to problems are found in the core essence of our being.

In order to master the holodynamic state of being, it helps to:

  • Create a Place of Peace for self management

  • Access your Full Potential Self for internal referencing

  • Access other people's Full Potential Selves

  • Create a field of positive regard

The recommended texts for this class are: (1) Holodynamics, How to Develop and Manage your Personal Power; (2) The Dance of Life: Transform your world NOW! and (3) The Holodynamic State of Being: The Advocate's Manual I.



(Day Two)

The second day of the course introduces the second Circle of Success and focuses on the micro dimension of consciousness in this space-time continuum: the holodynes within your microtubules. We explore:

  • Accessing the holodynes which block unfolding potential
  • Tracking or transforming holodynes
  • Establishing a process of integration
  • Potentializing

The text for this class is: Presence in a Conscious Universe: the Consultants Manual II.

The first two Circles of Success are focused upon practical skills which insure increased consciousness for unfolding your potential. Because people travel from various parts of the world to attend these classes, both Circle One and Two are offered in one weekend class. Because the information is new to some and is challenging to integrate, we suggest you obtain the texts and study them prior to attending the classes (see books on this web site). We also offer follow-through support through self-help groups (Holons) and assistance via email and telephone services.

Those who have taken these courses declare they have learned:

  • Internal Self Management Processes

  • Integration skills and quantum coherence

  • To effectively use a Holodynamic Mind Model

  • To potentialize almost every set of circumstances

  • How to manage situational dynamics

  • Daily time management and master planning

  • How to create master planning from a state of being

  • Clustering: Mapping mental and emotional dynamics for more effective processing

Transportation, lodging and food are arranged by each participant unless otherwise announced.

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"In-to-me-see" ignites the Being of Togetherness as couples learn to experience each other in their fullest potential. Relationships get a "jump start" as living, dynamic, empowering entities. This experiential workshop is for individuals and couples and shows how to cultivate the magic of love, transform blocks to intimacy into invitations to grow and cultivate coupleness in new refreshing ways. Learn to transform that "ideal mate" into a "real mate" and those crushing problems into stimulating motivators to a new way of supporting one another.

In Circle One we explored hyperspace and the origins of our consciousness and accessed our Full Potential Self. In Circle Two we stepped into the holographic dimension of our holodynes in our microtubules and found their fullest potential. In this course we deal with relationships first, with our Full Potential Self and then with our holodynes. We also explore how our holodynes relate to each other and discover that the patterns we use to relate to those around us are controlled by the relationships that exist among our holodynes. We access such holodynes as "the ideal mate" and transform them into their fullest potential. Everything changes. We learn to transform and potentialize our relationships.

The text for this class is: Field-Shifting: the Holodynamics of Integration.

These weekend courses last two full days and are scheduled at certain times each year and are tailored for both individuals and couples. If you and/or your partner are interested, click here to register.


(3-day Weekend)

Circle Four takes us into the network of relationships that form morphogenetic fields (Rupert Sheldrake) of self-organizing information systems that control our collective consciousness. In order to potentialize and transform such fields, it is necessary to understand "field shifting." Circle Four teaches field shifting which includes:

  • Your life overview

  • The dance of your holodynes, human dynamics and games people play

  • Place of Planning, Covenants made and the lessons to be learned

  • The field in which the dance occurs

  • Family Genealogical Fields, their influence and potential

  • Field influences of parallel worlds

  • Field overview, family, cultural, trans-generational effects

  • Relive/prelive processes as part of field shifting

In a world of exploding human population where people are ravished by continual conflict, few would argue that we could use a little help. The patterns of our past have left us with great advances in technology and, at the same time, immaturity as a species. Thus, we are threatened by weapons of mass destruction and burdened with the effects of global warming. We need to change these patterns and we can. We know how to shift fields. The only problem is that this shift begins at the micro (that is within you and me) and progresses into the macro (the collective state of consciousness that is perpetuating the problem). We invite you to take the course of your fullest potential and join with us in the greatest transformation ever experienced by the human race.

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Circle Five explores the information fields that control systems: businesses, governments, churches and social systems. System's dynamics, conflict resolution, strategic alliances, and managing self-interest are integrated into the multi-dimensional field of the environment in which systems operate. Our collective consciousness is viewed as part of a dynamic interactive, living system in which participants can creatively implement change.

The most successful business people in the world are endowed with certain skills. They can sense the deeper, hidden dimensions that are enfolded within any situation and they intuitively know how to make the best deal possible. They make strategic alliances that hold and, invariably, they have a multiple bottom line.

This course brings together the information from the previous courses in Holodynamics and applies it in the world of business and government. It moves beyond the usual limited thinking and the games that people play and drives right up the mountain where the whole dynamic is unveiled from micro to macro. It teaches how to potentialize business transactions - to manifest the fullest potential of your business. Furthermore, the applications will make you money and enrich your entire organization while establishing a perspective that embraces multiple dimensions.

We offer both consultation services and training programs on unfolding the potential of systems. A preliminary assessment is required before you can enroll Implementers to access your Being of System's Synergy (BOSS) that controls your company or your organization. We also recommend that a support group be trained in the first Four Circles of Success prior to initiating a Leadership and Team Building program in your organization.

The text for this class is: Leadership and Teambuilding: The Holodynamics of Building a New World.

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The Teacher

A teacher is an implementer. A teacher prepare students for more effective management of life and sets a standard that better prepares each person to better meet the challenges of their life. To accomplish this, the teacher must come from a state of being present in the classroom; a walking, living example of awareness of the conscious, multiple-dimensioned, holographic reality of life.

In order to bring this holodynamic state of being into the classroom, a teacher must learn the principles and processes that help each student transform their lives. We call this: principle-driven leadership.

In Circle Six we explore the principles and practice the processes of principle-driven leadership. It's a process that takes time and this means it takes more than a quick course for a weekend. The time you will invest will depend upon how well you have mastered the first five Circles of Success, how much experience you have already had as a teacher, how much natural talent you exhibit and the setting in which you plan to teach. Some organizations require more of their teachers and you must be prepared to meet their requirements.

The text for this class is: Principle-driven Transformation: the Holodynamics of the Dance of Life: The Teacher's Manual V.

The Academy provides in-house teaching opportunities and peer-group support for those who want to unfold their potential to teach. To register, click here.


The Masters Program

The Masters Program is about mastering the dance of life. It's about potentializing situations. We expand on what we have learned in the previous Circles of Success and practice applications in our daily lives. To do this, we gather for a continuous series of classes (usually held on weekends). These classes are scheduled about six weeks apart (giving us time to integrate what we have learned at each class) and the series continues for at least 12 months. (See Calendar for the schedule of classes). In the Masters program you will:

  • Learn to master difficult situations in life
  • Earn credits toward graduation from the Circles of Success program
  • Participate in projects that potentialize systems

The Masters Program is about potentializing more complex dynamics. Once you have learned how to potentialize your holodynes and to bring them into alliance with your Full Potential Self, and once you have your internal fields in coherence within your self, and shifted your framework so you can potentialize your relationships with your loved ones, it is natural then, to launch into how to make a difference in your community and then on the planet. As a principle-driven leader who is present in a class or in a group, you can now focus on any problem and master the situation.

In the real world, some people will not immediately "get" reality. They will naturally insist that their framework is the "only one feasible" in their lives. What is evident is that, unless we master shifting our framework, we will never master much of anything. It's about Paul Townsend's P-brane stuff. The solutions to the problems we are facing are found in the enfolded dimensions of reality. We must be able to access these dimensions because that's where the solutions are. And that means we must be able to expand our framework. Be prepared to explore into greater depths than you may have experienced before. The same is true of our holodynes.

Also, you have likely noticed that the Dance of Life Manuals are oriented to teaching Holodynamics. When you begin to teach, you have launched yourself into the field. But teaching is only one example. We teach because, more than any other thing, teaching helps us to shift the field on consciousness itself. Most of us could use a little help in expanding the number of dimensions we are using to view reality. If we do not teach what is real (including the enfolded dimensions), we will continue on the immature path dictated by our limited holodynes and field dynamics that are not sustainable. Frankly, we in the Academy care enough about the future generations to set up a program that will insure this information about reality gets out to the public. But teaching the science of consciousness is not the only focus that is needed.

We are now facing what leading scientists from around the planet have declared is "the most serious situation every faced by the human race." The entire planet is facing the effects of climate change and the potential collapse of civilization as we know it. Since the Masters Program is about applications, we will also be mastering solutions to Global Warming.

Many people are talking about complex problems like weapons of mass destruction, the war against terrorists, and many other concerns not the least of which is the effects of Global Warming. What seems to be lacking in the talk is the focus on solutions. Talking about "the sky is falling" does not provide a clear picture as to what can be done about it. All our talk about having an advanced state of consciousness doesn't mean much if we can't apply it to the situation at hand. In the Academy, we see ourselves as an applications team. This is what the Masters Program is about.

In this next Masters series of classes we are going to invite the class to shift its framework into the dimension in which the solutions to small and major concerns become evident. We were born to move beyond our relatively little problems and solve the major challenges of our day. We can move beyond war, handle global warming, the rising ocean levels, the primal bacteria, and every other aspect associated with this situation we now face. It begins within each one of us and then flows outward into the larger field.

The focus of the Masters class will be on taking whatever action is necessary in order to implement solutions. This is what Masters do. If perchance, you may not feel like a true Master, all it takes is to tune into your Full Potential Self and then exercise the will to make a difference. You are what you focus on. Those in the class will be assisting in teaching the class. You will find this series challenging and satisfying.

Working with a Sponsor is highly recommended and is one of the many benefits of the master's program. When someone agrees to walk beside you and sponsor you as the coursework "stirs the pot" of your holodynes and "rattles the cage" of your familiar frameworks, you have a traveling companion. Acquiring a sponsor is self initiated. Sponsors are participants who are currently working the seven Circles of Success program and are a step ahead of you in the program. Ideally your sponsor is someone with whom you have contact through Holons, continuing courses or by telephone.

The Masters classes are scheduled on weekends (see calendar). The texts for the class will be decided in the class but they can be any of the texts used in any of the courses taught in the Academy.

The classes begin at 9:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM both on Saturday and Sunday. When you enroll for the entire series (14 months) you get a rebate of 10%. Enroll early so we can reserve your space. You will find each class a rich and enlightening experience.

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The Research and Development Program of the Academy provide the scientific information necessary for the management of the situations we face in everyday life. If, for example, people want to solve the problems of Global Warming and have an idea that super capacitor batteries might help, the research and development of the batteries becomes essential. If someone thinks we can develop a better waste remediation system by using a superplasmic arc, then it must be researched and developed. Circle Eight is designed to assist those who want to conduct research and development of specific areas of interest.

Those who apply to enter the Doctorate Program must be approved and work under the supervision of their Doctorate Review Board, headed by the Chairman of the Board. The current situation of each applicant is assessed and the requirements for graduation are agreed upon by the Board. To qualify, a person must have completed the first seven Circles of Success and hold a Master's Degree. Only those who are qualified may apply. To apply, click here.


NOTE: The International Academy of Holodynamics is an extension of the accredited Academy of Holodynamics in Russia where it was organized as part of the Department of Education of the Noosphere Department of the Academy of Natural Science of Russia. The International Academy of Holodynamics is seeking accreditation status in the United Nations but is not an accredited institution in the United States of America.


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